ESL Parent Coffee

September 2nd, 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Anissa

May 10th, 2012

A GIANT thank you to the Preschool team for making my birthday so special today!

To Mr. Petr and Miss Gene, you are both amazing professionals and I feel blessed working with you.

To my Flying Fishies, I love you all!!!!



What We Know About Volcanoes

May 4th, 2012

Thijs: It’s going to explode!! Woah! A volcano explosion! (watching video of a volcano euruptinh)) I like explosion! Why is it shaking?

Axl: Krakatoa (a volcano) is in a country where not here…Malaysia…There is an explosion from Filipinas. My dad said that volcano called Ifyacon (?).

Naomi: I go close and close and close to a volcano. I saw a real one. With mommy. Then we go home.

Leo: They make fire. After the fire they make smoke. They are kind of like a mountain. I didn’t go there. In the distance I saw mountains.  

Alec: Fire are inside the volcano. Deep inside the volcano. Lava, Then it will blow up. Earthquakes are dangerous.

Karen: They have fire. Somebody must stay away from the volcano or else they might die. If they go inside they will die from the fire. I saw a real one in Taiwan.

Maya: I wanted to look inside what it looks like. I know there is fire inside. I was dreaming a doggy came inside a volcano and he put his bone inside the volcano. I was dreaming it. The doggie left the bone in the volcano and he buy some more. I was sleeping. I woke up and was looking up and was like, “What is that dream?.” Then I wanted apple juice and was waking up my mama. She was also dreaming about volcano.

Eddie: I saw a real volcano but I was sick when I saw it. It wasn’t erupted because it already erupted before we got there. It was old. We flew over it in an airplane so I didn’t really see it. It spat up everywhere.

Conner: I love to go in a helicopter and see the volcano. I love to see the hot water and cold water. It’s nice!

Santiago: The structures in Peru broke the volcanoes. The volcanoes were taken to a different country and put a cover so it cannot blast in the airplane. The cover is really hard wood so it cannot break. I’m scared the volcano will get me.

Curren Pace: Volcanoes aren’t very hard. It’s like yucky water that turns to lava and kills gators.

There was a dolphin in Coco Beach and when no one was there, it exploded on the dolphin. Then it died. The shark didn’t get blasted and it came along and ate the tail of the dolphin…what was left of it. It was a volcano in the ocean.

Titouan: Every year I see a volcano. In French and here. Everywhere. Volcano go, “Brssh!” Fire can come out. It explode. It’s like Rudy (red nose and red lava).

Daniel: I don’t really like volcanoes. Lava comes out. I saw one in China. It was outside and I went outside. I ran away from the orange lava. I was running so safe. The rest of my family stayed in the China temple.

Marijn: My mum and dad went once to a volcano. It was not going to erupt. It was just bubbling. It was sleeping.

Sofia: I was living in a mountain. It was a volcano mountain. If the earth is broken, that’s when earthquakes come.

Chloe: I saw a volcano. We were going to take a boat there and climb a volcano but I was too scared. I waited on the balcony where you can see the volcano. My grandma and grandpa went to take pictures of the volcano.

Emilio: I saw a volcano on TV. It was already erupted. It did not go to people. It just went up. All the trees and plants feel down. It went up and then down and then it dried.

Shaasvata: I went to Banawe and I took a jeepney ride to a volcano. It was beautiful. It was not erupting. In midnight, there was a landslide from a volcano…where the mountain pieces fell down, we couldn’t pass.

Ania: I don’t like volcanoes because I don’t want it to shoot on me.

Uhinee: They are dangerous! Because some volcanoes they will erupt and you’re not allowed to go close enough. When you go close enough you might die from volcano’s lava. It’s fire! Volcanoes are super, super dangerous…you need to run away. I saw a real one sleeping in Tagaytay and Dingalan.

Where is Knuffle Bunny?

April 27th, 2012

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The Knuffle Bunny series of books by Mo Willems has been very popular with the Flying Fish class. Each week in library Miss Jo or Miss Pat reads a story to us before we borrow a new book, and Mo Willems is one of our favourite authors. Please take alook at the series of pictures above with your child, and talk to them about which country they think the Knuffle Bunny is in. We were facinated to hear how much our class knows about various countries, and how apt they are at analysing details in the picture clues to support their theories i.e. “I think this is Holland because there are many flowers like that in Holland and also the things that go round (windwmills) Enjoy!